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Affordable DIY Photo Booth

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The beauty of photo booth is that they are completely customizable. This means that the booth that you saw in the previous event that you’ve attended may look totally different from the ones you saw in an upcoming event. The huge customization options that are available in photo booth make them very much alluring to a huge number of individuals both young and old. Photo booth rental Melbourne, Australia are popular but their services are considered to be on the expensive side. Those who are on a tight budget can opt to create one for their own allowing them to save a fair amount of resources in the process. Let us look at some tips on how you can create your very own photo booth.


Photo booth often relies in the image quality of the picture they produce. For that matter, make sure that you have a good camera that will be able to take a dozen of pictures in a timely and effective manner. It does not have to be overly expensive however, make sure that the image will be visible and clear. To do this, make some test runs and take a couple of pictures in your booth to see if it fits your preference and needs.

Lighting plays a very important role with your photo booth. The camera flash alone is sometimes not enough so you will need to secure adequate lighting. You can find these items being sold in several online stores. Buying them today will be a huge investment as you can use them in your future booths.

Props are also considered to be an integral part of your photo booth so make sure that you skip on these items. Find items you can integrate to your booths at home such as pieces of clothing, wigs, makeup kits and the likes. Don’t forget about the backdrops and backgrounds for your booth. You can use stock curtains to add that extra design as well as large blankets for your background. Make sure that these items are in good shape as it can reflect to the overall quality of your photo booth.


DIY photo booth is indeed a very promising endeavor many can try out today. With that being said, this requires a fair amount of time and resources in order to setup. Consider the tips mentioned in this article to help setup your very own photo booth with little to no problem.


Understanding Fursonas

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Fursona or what most people identify as a furry persona plays a very important role to furries. Fans often create their very own fursona as a representation of themselves or perhaps create a new personality that is far within their reach. For newcomers, knowing what a fursona is about can be a daunting and intimidating experience. Let us learn more about furry personality to help better understand their creation.

The sky is the limit when creating a furry personality. You can create it as your own alter ego or perhaps as an avatar that you will be using in the fandom. Others who are inherently shy will be able to freely express themselves when they decide to take the mantle of their fursona and wear them during conventions and other related gathering. Most furries gain a huge boost of confidence with their fursona making it an important and irreplaceable part of their lives. For that matter, it is important for furries to take time in creating their own fursona.

It should be noted that there is no rush in creating your own furry personality. You are also not obligated to create one but having them is considered to be customary and can also be a great conversation starter to many fans.


As mentioned earlier, furries are given the freedom to create any character they like and integrate them as their very own fursona. Creativity does indeed go a long way in creating a unique and one of a kind fursona. Some fans start with concept arts of their character. This includes little to big descriptions such as the color of their fur, stripes if they have one, the length of their tail (see loveplugs), the paws, the shape of their ears and the likes. Since we are on the topic of fursona, it is also important for fans to create unique personalities for their respective characters. All of these features and attributes help further define their furry personalities as a whole.

There is still plenty of things you can learn more about fursona. A great way to understand them more fully is by asking the furry fandom themselves. You can ask them what their inspiration were they drawing during the creation of their furry personality. Doing so will give you to some extent an overview about their characters. The best place to meet and greet furries is by attending conventions. Look for the nearest furry convention in your area today!

What Common Ailments Should I Watch For My Puppies?

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Puppies are delightful bundles of joy, but they can also be a handful.  The first step after getting a puppy is to take it to the veterinarian. Together with a physical examination, make sure your new pet is given all the vaccines it needs to ensure that it is in good health from the start.

Even if you provide them with the right vaccines and feed them a healthy, balanced diet you can’t protect them from everything. Puppies are more susceptible to diseases and take longer to recover than adults. Below are five of the most common yet preventable ailments you should watch for your fur babies.

Gastrointestinal issues. Puppies’ digestive systems are still pretty sensitive therefore vulnerable to stress and food intolerance. Vomiting or diarrhea must be taken seriously.


Pneumonia. Puppies are susceptible to pneumonia and this can be life-threatening. Although bacteria most often cause this, the stress of traveling, change of ownership, and new environment also all play big roles.

Parvovirus (Parvo). This disease commonly attacks puppies between 12 months to three years old.  This highly contagious disease is easily passed on through bodily secretions especially feces. It starts with a bad fever followed by severe diarrhea and weight loss, vomiting, and lethargy. The chance of survival is very little, more than half the dogs that get parvo will die.

Distemper. This is an infectious disease of the nervous system. Although the vaccine against distemper is quite effective, it is extremely fatal. Like Parvo, this is highly contagious and is easily passed on through bodily secretions like saliva, urine, and feces. Initial symptoms include severe eye discharge and sneezing. It is easily mistaken as colds by most dog owners. Distemper can lead to neurological problems such as a fatal brain damage.



Kennel Cough. Airborne bacterial infection or canine parainfluenza virus causes this disease. This starts with lethargy, decreased appetite and fever, then followed by a persistent dry, honking cough.

It’s tricky to figure if your adorable puppy is sick in the first place so it’s important that you know the most common signs of illness. If your puppy is acting in a way that isn’t normal, if you see any change in its activity level, appetite, bowel movements, if it has diarrhea, if it’s lethargic and it keeps whimpering, vomiting, licking, itching, panting, and shaking take it to the vet for immediate care. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

But if everything does turn out right, acceptance is the key. Pet stone memorials or grave markers are a beautiful way to honor and pay tribute to your beloved four-legged companion when they pass away. Please get in touch with us, here lcmemorials twitter account, for more information.

Hot Trend for Weddings: Photo Booths

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Couples want to make their weddings as memorable and unique as ever and as such they are always looking for new ideas and trends on what to apply to that special event. One of the hottest trends in weddings that have been growing in popularity over the years is the use of photo booths. Let us look at what photo booths are and why they are becoming a very much sought after service in a huge number of weddings in the present.


Photo booths have been in the industry for quite some time providing tons of unique and photos to their users. There are also photo booths in Raleigh. You will often find photo booths in malls and other busy areas however, over the years their usage has expanded with them being mostly present in several parties and events. Due to their immense popularity, this very same trend has been slowly integrated to weddings. Why are people drawn to photo booths?


The Allure of Photo Booths

Photo booths bring to the table plenty of exciting and wonderful opportunities on how pictures are taken. Traditional wedding ceremonies are considered to be formal and serious in nature. With that being said, this does not mean that the couple and guests don’t have time to unwind and relax once the ceremony is over. During these times, photo booths help keep the spirits of your guests up while at the same time keep them entertained and engaged all throughout the event.

The types of pictures photo booths produce are also unique and different from the traditional means. This in turn makes each and every one of these photos look remotely different from each other making them very much well received by your guests. This is made possible with the different types of props and background vendors provide to their clients. It should be noted that the use of these items is free of charge and guests are even encouraged to experiment by mixing and matching different props producing amazing results.


Photo booth rentals do indeed provide a breath of fresh air to weddings which is what most couples are aiming for. Furthermore, having them around will definitely go a long way in helping your guests feel excited and amped up. It should be noted that because of their growing popularity, interested clients are advised to book a rental reservation with a photo booth vendor in advance to avoid the hassle.


How to Come Up with a Great Slate Cheeseboard in Just Minutes

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Cheese boards are often found during appetizers or snacks which helps breathe new life on how they are prepared. It should be noted that time is of the essence when serving snacks and appetizers to your guests. You don’t want to take too long as this can spoil their appetite in the process. Fortunately, there a few ways on how to serve great slate cheese boards in a couple of minutes wasting little to no time as a result.

Cheese board preparation is pretty straightforward. With that being said, a huge number of individuals spend hundreds of dollars’ worth of ingredients to put into them. Plenty of time is also spent in shaping them up styling them. The end result may be great but as mentioned earlier, if you are taking too much time preparing them, your guests may not feel as enamored as you are in eating them. To help save you time, make sure to prepare all the materials and food items in advance to make setup easy and fast.


For starters, secure a slate large cheese board that will be able to hold a good amount of items that you will be showcasing. The main highlight is the cheese so make sure to grab a mix of textures, strength, colors as well as shapes. If you don’t know what to buy, most of these cheese counters often provides sample cheeses which is great as this helps give you to some extent an overview on what to expect about them.

Don’t forget to add something sweet and salty along the mix to help complement the flavors of your cheese board. You can add some charcuterie like prosciutto, salami, sausage or perhaps some roasted and flavored nuts for the salt flavors. Sweet food items such as dried and fresh fruits are pretty easy to come by. Any fruit would work as long as they are fresh and ready to serve.

Fill your cheese board spaces with some crackers and condiments to make them look full. You can do that using Slateplate cheese boards for an amazing presentation! Pile some crackers into your cheese board and you can also add some crunchy breadsticks for added variety. Don’t fill the cheese board with too much crackers however, don’t forget to restock them if you run low. Last but definitely not the least is to add some garnish. For instance, not only are a few sprigs of fresh rosemary great to look at but they also smell amazing. Consider the tips mentioned in this article and start creating great cheese board in minutes.

Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

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Go for something unique and personal for dad this June. Here are some personalized father’s day 
gift ideas to choose from.

Get Dad His Own Trophy

Go to a trophy shop and have a trophy specially made for dad. Title it something like “Best Dad 
Ever” or “Father of the Year.” Trophy design shops also usually do commemorative plaques and 
medals too. Go all out on the hardware and get dad a plaque outlining dad’s great achievements 
in detail and then pin him with a medal for all his hard work as a father. If dad is a big fan or 
player of a certain sport, the trophy or plaque could have a figure representing that sport and a 
caption regarding that. “Great Golfer and Fantastic Father” or “Award for Biggest Football Fan 
in the House!”

Find a Nostalgic Gift

Find something that can remind dad of the good times he had in “the old days.” It could be a 
favorite Hardy Boys book to a high school letterman jacket. Check out antique stores, hobby 
shops, secondhand stores, eBay and other such places to find the wanted item. Nowadays with 
the internet, it’s become much easier to find that special something a shopper is looking for. As 
well, there are shops that specialize in nostalgic gifts ranging from 1950’s style calendars to 
Charlie Chaplin memorabilia.
Get dad a gift for father’s day that can be engraved. Some ideas include a ring, necklace, 
cufflinks or a watch. Engraving stores often offer a great variety of things that can be engraved 
from beer glasses to photo frames and albums. Messages engraved on the present can be 
thoughtful or funny. For more expensive gifts like jewelry, have a more thoughtful message like a simple “I love you dad” or “Thank you for everything dad, love —“ For something like mugs 
or beer glasses, there is more room for playful writing like “Dad of the Year, King of the Beer.”

Personalized Clothes and Accessories for Dad 

Want to do something different than a tie for dad? Why not get a tie with dad’s name on it or a personal message written on it. T-shirts, barbecue aprons, hats and even shoes can be personalized with a father’s day message, dad’s picture and/or his name. There are even shops that specialize in making belt buckles with individual names. Make father’s day the best for dad by getting him a personalized present. Gift ideas include a father’s day trophy, a nostalgic gift to bring back dad memories, engraved jewelry and/or clothing with a personalized message for dad. 

Social Media Monitoring and PR Crisis

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It is said that the amount of data that was generated in the twentieth century is today generated in one hour. Millions of people are constantly using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to exchange news and information. It could be personal day to day ramblings, an airline’s wrong move against its clientele, or the French elections. The content varies widely. In such a social media atmosphere where real time live updates have been enabled by features like FacebookLive and InstaLive, it is very difficult to moderate the content that is unleashed on the web. Controlling what the millennial may be posting at any given moment is next to impossible. Therefore a sound social media PR strategy is paramount for every brand.

Any piece of news or information in the hands of a teenager with a phone and a Twitter account will be on the internet within seconds. Such information if manages to catch the attention of the said teenager’s followers will go viral within minutes. Information spreads like wildfire, hopping from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, and before anyone realises it, they have a PR scandal on their hands.

It is essential to constantly monitor the content being generated about your brand and everyone associated with you across all platforms of social media. Have people looking out and managing your various social media accounts. Alerts for all keywords related to you can help. This constant monitoring will bring all news and information posted about you to your notice. In the case of any red flags, you can immediately snap into the conservative mode and activate your crisis management tactics.

Social monitoring also helps you recognise minor issues that have the potential to blow out of proportion into a full-fledged scandal in the future. Early intervention in such a case can prevent that. Complaints and feedback should be addressed in time to prevent any backlash.

In case a PR issue is blown out of proportion and you are faced with a social media nightmare, your first tactic should be to identify key influencers. These are people who are most actively contributing to the issue being paraded. The people with maximum followers and maximum traction are the ones who need to be singled out. There will be two kinds of influencers. Those working against you and those working for you. Target the ones against you to understand why they are keeping the issue alive. If you can sort things out with them and either turn them in your favour or discredit them, the issue will die out. Use the ones in your favour to get positive press and generate information that will showcase your brand in a good light.

Understand the popular opinion and tackle the situation accordingly. Social media monitoring can help you save face on more occasions than one and save the integrity of your brand on the internet.