Affordable DIY Photo Booth


The beauty of photo booth is that they are completely customizable. This means that the booth that you saw in the previous event that you’ve attended may look totally different from the ones you saw in an upcoming event. The huge customization options that are available in photo booth make them very much alluring to a huge number of individuals both young and old. Photo booth rental Melbourne, Australia are popular but their services are considered to be on the expensive side. Those who are on a tight budget can opt to create one for their own allowing them to save a fair amount of resources in the process. Let us look at some tips on how you can create your very own photo booth.


Photo booth often relies in the image quality of the picture they produce. For that matter, make sure that you have a good camera that will be able to take a dozen of pictures in a timely and effective manner. It does not have to be overly expensive however, make sure that the image will be visible and clear. To do this, make some test runs and take a couple of pictures in your booth to see if it fits your preference and needs.

Lighting plays a very important role with your photo booth. The camera flash alone is sometimes not enough so you will need to secure adequate lighting. You can find these items being sold in several online stores. Buying them today will be a huge investment as you can use them in your future booths.

Props are also considered to be an integral part of your photo booth so make sure that you skip on these items. Find items you can integrate to your booths at home such as pieces of clothing, wigs, makeup kits and the likes. Don’t forget about the backdrops and backgrounds for your booth. You can use stock curtains to add that extra design as well as large blankets for your background. Make sure that these items are in good shape as it can reflect to the overall quality of your photo booth.


DIY photo booth is indeed a very promising endeavor many can try out today. With that being said, this requires a fair amount of time and resources in order to setup. Consider the tips mentioned in this article to help setup your very own photo booth with little to no problem.


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