Understanding Fursonas


Fursona or what most people identify as a furry persona plays a very important role to furries. Fans often create their very own fursona as a representation of themselves or perhaps create a new personality that is far within their reach. For newcomers, knowing what a fursona is about can be a daunting and intimidating experience. Let us learn more about furry personality to help better understand their creation.

The sky is the limit when creating a furry personality. You can create it as your own alter ego or perhaps as an avatar that you will be using in the fandom. Others who are inherently shy will be able to freely express themselves when they decide to take the mantle of their fursona and wear them during conventions and other related gathering. Most furries gain a huge boost of confidence with their fursona making it an important and irreplaceable part of their lives. For that matter, it is important for furries to take time in creating their own fursona.

It should be noted that there is no rush in creating your own furry personality. You are also not obligated to create one but having them is considered to be customary and can also be a great conversation starter to many fans.


As mentioned earlier, furries are given the freedom to create any character they like and integrate them as their very own fursona. Creativity does indeed go a long way in creating a unique and one of a kind fursona. Some fans start with concept arts of their character. This includes little to big descriptions such as the color of their fur, stripes if they have one, the length of their tail (see loveplugs), the paws, the shape of their ears and the likes. Since we are on the topic of fursona, it is also important for fans to create unique personalities for their respective characters. All of these features and attributes help further define their furry personalities as a whole.

There is still plenty of things you can learn more about fursona. A great way to understand them more fully is by asking the furry fandom themselves. You can ask them what their inspiration were they drawing during the creation of their furry personality. Doing so will give you to some extent an overview about their characters. The best place to meet and greet furries is by attending conventions. Look for the nearest furry convention in your area today!

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