How to Come Up with a Great Slate Cheeseboard in Just Minutes


Cheese boards are often found during appetizers or snacks which helps breathe new life on how they are prepared. It should be noted that time is of the essence when serving snacks and appetizers to your guests. You don’t want to take too long as this can spoil their appetite in the process. Fortunately, there a few ways on how to serve great slate cheese boards in a couple of minutes wasting little to no time as a result.

Cheese board preparation is pretty straightforward. With that being said, a huge number of individuals spend hundreds of dollars’ worth of ingredients to put into them. Plenty of time is also spent in shaping them up styling them. The end result may be great but as mentioned earlier, if you are taking too much time preparing them, your guests may not feel as enamored as you are in eating them. To help save you time, make sure to prepare all the materials and food items in advance to make setup easy and fast.


For starters, secure a slate large cheese board that will be able to hold a good amount of items that you will be showcasing. The main highlight is the cheese so make sure to grab a mix of textures, strength, colors as well as shapes. If you don’t know what to buy, most of these cheese counters often provides sample cheeses which is great as this helps give you to some extent an overview on what to expect about them.

Don’t forget to add something sweet and salty along the mix to help complement the flavors of your cheese board. You can add some charcuterie like prosciutto, salami, sausage or perhaps some roasted and flavored nuts for the salt flavors. Sweet food items such as dried and fresh fruits are pretty easy to come by. Any fruit would work as long as they are fresh and ready to serve.

Fill your cheese board spaces with some crackers and condiments to make them look full. You can do that using Slateplate cheese boards for an amazing presentation! Pile some crackers into your cheese board and you can also add some crunchy breadsticks for added variety. Don’t fill the cheese board with too much crackers however, don’t forget to restock them if you run low. Last but definitely not the least is to add some garnish. For instance, not only are a few sprigs of fresh rosemary great to look at but they also smell amazing. Consider the tips mentioned in this article and start creating great cheese board in minutes.

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